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Pinarello 2021 All the new bicycles from the Italian brand

The Italian bicycle brand and sponsor of Team Ineos Grenadier recently launched a new collection of Pinarello 2021 bikes.

A few days ago the 2020 season was ended if it can be called a season and the Italian firm has decided to incorporate new models to its 2021 catalog where we can also find new colors with the same quality and design worthy of an Italian brand.


    The best pinarello bikes 2021

    Here at Merkabici we present the most outstanding novelties of the new Pinarello 2021 collection. Something that is certain is that the prices are not the lowest, something very typical of the brand, but without a doubt the quality is unmatched.

    Dogma F12

    The fact that Pinarello has adhered to the Dogma nomenclature indicates that it is an evolution of the already spectacular F10, and even the previous F8. 

    Here they have not reinvented the bicycle, mainly because they did not have to. 

    The latest versions of the Dogma F series have been so good that it must be a real problem for designers to figure out where to go. 

    But who are we kidding? This is the cycling industry, and small improvements can always be made to even the best products. 

    Like the ones that we can see below in the 4 different models of the Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12 range

    Pinarello Dogma F12 Xlight Disk

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 1
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12 Xlight Disk

    There was a time, not too long ago, when you might have considered a road bike with disc brakes if they weren’t much heavier than a bike with a rim brake. 

    Well now that no longer has to be a concern with the Pinarello Dogma F12 XLight disc. Lightweight, durable, and with disc brakes, this is a bike for heroic rides.

    Pinarello Dogma F12 Xlight

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 2
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12 Xlight

    When it comes to bikes, we try not to have favorites. We love them all, really. But we have to admit that our hearts beat a little louder when we see a bike like the Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12 XLight. 

    Pinarello Dogma F12

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 3
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12

    The F12’s frame is 10% stiffer laterally than the F10, offering greater power, while its optimized aerodynamics and full cable integration reduce drag by 7.3%, resulting in increased power. 8 watt savings at 40 km / h over its predecessor.

    Pinarello Dogma F12 Disk

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 4
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma F12 Disk

    Ridden by the INEOS team with multiple Grand Tour victories, it is the fastest Dogma to date; the perfect marriage of speed and beauty. 

    With tactile handling, advanced aerodynamics and every detail designed for optimum performance, the Dogma is ideally suited to road riders for whom speed is everything. 

    Dogma F10

    If you’ve already driven the F8, you’re rightly wondering what improvement was possible. As a grand tour winning bike and recognized as one of the best balanced bikes in the professional peloton, the F8 takes up rare space. 

    But Pinarello took what they loved about the F8, the handling and full race geometry, but cut some weight and improved the aerodynamics in real-world situations. The Dogma F10 is still destined to be the perfect bike for every situation, the top-of-the-line off-road just below the Dogma F12.

    Pinarello Dogma K10S Disk

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 5
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma K10S Disk

    The idea behind this revolutionary bike is to ensure Pinarello’s unbeatable handling and racing performance even on rough terrain. 

    DSAS self-adjusts the stiffness of the frame through its front and rear electronic suspensions to maximize the stability of the bike. 

    Pinarello Dogma Fs

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 6
    Pinarello 2021 Dogma Fs

    DSAS is capable of adapting the behavior of the suspension in each type of terrain, locking or unlocking it automatically, ensuring maximum performance and stiffness on smooth asphalt and optimal comfort on bumpy and bumpy roads.

    Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 7
    Pinarello Dogma F10 Disk

    The shapes of the tubes have changed to some extent. The down tube has a small new indentation around where the water bottle cage will sit. 

    That increases aerodynamics for when the bottles are in the cages and provides a small opening to aid the Think2’s internal wiring.

    Pinarello Dogma F10

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 8
    Pinarello Dogma F10

    The Pinarello 2021 Dogma F10 can have internal cable routing for both mechanical and electronic groups, which improves the aerodynamic qualities of the frame. The Dogma seatpost with an aerodynamic TwinForce integrated seat collar will also help the air flow smoothly next to you. 


    The new Prince fork has undergone significant changes: integration with the frame as was done on the DOGMA F12, improved aerodynamic flow and fork fins to reduce drag around the wheel attachment.

    Another major development has been made to the down tube, which is derived entirely from Dogma F12.

    The use of the concave tube and the new shapes near the bottom bracket aim to cancel the aerodynamic impact of the two bottles.

    True to the Pinarello philosophy, the down tube is shifted to the right to increase the asymmetrical effect of the frame.

    Pinarello Prince FX Disk TICR

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 9
    Pinarello 2021 Prince Fx Disk

    The pinarello Prince FX Disk is the result you get when you ask the designers of pinarello to transfer the incredible driving experience of the DOGMA F12 to the new PRINCE.

    The result is a bike with technical characteristics and performance standards that surpass many high-end road bikes on the market today, establishing the PRINCE as a real alternative to the DOGMA F12.

    Pinarello Prince inherits the DOGMA F12 total cable integration system, called TiCR ™, which allows for a significant aerodynamic advantage.


    Pinarello E-Treviso

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 10
    Pinarello 2021 E-Treviso

    The Pinarello brand has added the new eTreviso urban commuter to its 2021 lineup. Promising its signature Italian style combined with Fazua’s Evation motor system, its appearance is clean with largely internal cable routing and a built-in tube battery. diagonal. 

    Pinarello Nytro

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 11
    Pinarello 2021 Nytro

    The Pinarello Nytro is the first electronic road bike that guarantees maximum downhill riding pleasure and continuous and efficient support without problems. 

    Pinarello Nytro Gravel

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 12
    Pinarello 2021 Nytro Gravel

    The Pinarello Nytro Gravel electric gravel bike is the continuation of the Nytro electric road bike, with the same Fazua motor and battery system, but with more tire clearance to improve capacity. 

    Explore more on mixed terrain and drive faster with less effort with this discreet, lightweight system that delivers an incredibly smooth and natural ride feel. 

    There are three settings and when you decide to turn the support off or are driving above the 25km / hour limit, there will be no additional resistance to slow you down.


    The Italian brand Pinarello has within its Gravel offer two models based on carbon frames and with different qualities. We are therefore talking about its top of the range, the Grevil +, made with Torayca T1100 1K carbon and the dry Grevil, with Torayca T700 UD carbon.

    Pinarello Grevil

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 13
    Pinarello 2021 Grevil

    The exclusive and elegant asymmetric design of the Grevil family combines aerodynamics, comfort and capacity in our most versatile platform to date.

    The Pinarello Grevil It is designed and built to devour kilometers whatever your preferred terrain is; with the ability to accommodate wheel sets from fast 700c road wheels to 650b x 2.1 off-road wheels without limits. 

    Grevil’s Torayca T700 UD carbon construction offers more affordable high performance.

    Pinarello Grevil +

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 14
    Pinarello 2021 Grevil +

    The only difference with the Pinarello Grevil is that the Grevil + is made from Torayca T1100 Carbon 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy technology, tested by Dogma.


    Pinarello Crossista +

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 15

    Ergonomics was one of the key points of the whole project. Pinarello truly believes that in cyclocross, ease of use and confidence on your bike are critical to achieving the best results. 

    Efforts in this direction at Pinarello are highlighted with the concept of “Design 4 Cyclocross” – design for cyclocross.

    Pinarello Crossista

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 16
    Pinarello 2021 Crossista

    When designing a new bike, Pinarello always strives to create only the best, even if that means improving a bike that is already in the upper segment. 

    With this in mind, the Pinarello designers started a new project to rework the Crossista, in order to create a completely new bike, improved in all respects.

    Time trial

    Pinarello Bolide TT

    Pinarello Bolide Tt / Campagnolo Super Record Eps Bicycle Campagnolo Super Record Eps Without Wheels (2021)
    Pinarello 2021 Bolide Tr

    The development of the Bolide TT started with the experience that Pinarello designers have made over the years. 

    One of the main objectives of this project were to significantly reduce weight while maintaining the stiffness and aerodynamics of the previous Bolide.

    The end result is a 350g reduction in overall frame weight and improved aerodynamic performance.

    Pinarello Lab has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the performance of all frames. The developers have optimized the frame design and used the best materials and manufacturing processes.

    The best Pinarello bikes (Road, Gravel, MTB)


    Pinarello Bolide TR +

    Pinarello Bolide Tr + Bob Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Fulcrum Wind 400 Db Triathlon Bike (2020)
    Pinarello 2021 Bolide Tr +

    Pinarello’s lab did not start the Bolide TR + from scratch, as the excellent long-distance performances displayed by the Bolide TT were already the perfect starting point for this project. 

    Therefore, product development has focused on optimizing the speed and geometry characteristics of the Bolide TT for long-duration triathlon and Ironman.

    For this, not only cooperation with professional athletes, such as Cameron Wurf, was important, but also feedback from amateur athletes who received the most serious attention. 

    Pinarello Bolide TR

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 17
    Pinarello 2021 Bolide Tr

    The main objective of this project was to create a special version of the Bolide pinarello for triathlon, designed not only for professionals, but also to make available to amateur cyclists a great bicycle that will increase their efficiency in the cycling stage of a triathlon or in a Ironman race.


    Pinarello Bolide Hr

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 18
    Pinarello 2021 Bolide Hr

    In 2015 Sir Bradley Wiggins set the hourly record. His success is due in part to the Bolide HR, a bike he rode that was specifically designed and built to minimize aerodynamic drag and provide optimal power transfer for extraordinary efficiency.

    Now this unique bike is also available to regular customers, allowing anyone to experience the emotions and feelings of the British champion.

    The bike will be available in 2 versions: one with a 100mm fork width (standard wheel width) and the other with a 65mm fork width.

    Pinarello Maat

    Pinarello 2021 All The New Bicycles From The Italian Brand 19
    Pinarello 2021 Maat

    The Pinarello MAAT Track frame is the specific and versatile design you’ve dreamed of. 

    With increased overall stiffness and a geometry that favors a longer top tube and short stems, the MAAT allows you to take a preferred aggressive forward position while staying within strict UCI tuning regulations. 

    Integration is the hallmark of modern, aerodynamic bikes, and the MAAT follows that ideology with a further integration of fork design into the frame.

    More information at: Pinarello

    By: Berthy Perez