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Calculate the size of your bike with our simulator

7 septiembre, 2020
Calcula Tu Talla

    Calculate the size

    To correctly and accurately calculate the size of our second-hand bicycle, it is necessary to find out our inseam measurement. For this we will measure the distance from the ground to where our body rests on the saddle. To carry out the measurement correctly, we will remain standing and barefoot, ensuring that our legs are separated and as straight as possible.

    Once we have determined our measurement of height to the crotch, we can determine both the size of our bicycle and the height of our saddle (distance from the bottom bracket). The size of our mountain bike will be expressed in inches and that of our road bike in centimeters.

    • Mountain Bike or BTT: To calculate the size of the frame or bicycle we will have to multiply the length of our crotch by 0.21. (inches)
    • Road bike: We will calculate the size by multiplying the length of our crotch by 0.65 (centimeters).
    • Saddle height: We will multiply the inseam length by 0.885. It will determine the height in centimeters for both mountain bikes and road bikes.

    Calculate the size of your bike!

    Calcula Tu Talla

    To calculate the size of the bicycle that best suits you, you must measure the length of your legs.
    The measurement is made from the foot to the crotch, this measurement is usually between 45% and 49% of your total height.
    The size of a bicycle is related to the length of the seat tube, for this reason there are differences between road bikes and mountain bikes.
    Below you can use our tool to find out what your size is.

    How to choose the frame size on your road bike

    Video source: GCN in Spanish

    Other recommendations
    Over time it has been observed that the main problem is the adaptation to the bicycle in terms of size, what is also important is to understand that there is a suitable bicycle for each activity, that a bicycle designed for high performance cycling is not equal to a bicycle for recreation or other purpose, just as each cyclist requires a bicycle that adapts to his size.