The most incredible bike Look 795 Blade RS

The Look 795 Blade RS with disc brakes was introduced two years ago. It was then one of the first road bikes to fully integrate all wiring into the handlebar and frame. 

Now, in 2020, for a road bike, even in the budget segment, such a function is considered almost standard, as it has proven itself well.  

The 795 BLADE RS DISC joyfully embraces the trends of today, with electronic SHIMANO ULTEGRA Di2 shifting and disc brakes.

The bike is a pure racing machine, with optimized aerodynamics and stiffness to get you to that finish line quicker. Yet beyond competition, the 795 BLADE RS offers incredible comfort thanks to the meticulous distribution of different carbon fibers.

Why you will love it?

795 Blade Rs Disc Metallic Blue Glossy
Look  795 Blade Rs Disc

A couple of months after the presentation, the company provided detailed data on the bike, where the frame weight was indicated only for the rim version at 950 grams.

 Nothing was said about the disk version. Ultimately, it turned out that its weight was more than 1300 grams. By today’s standards, this is a mind-blowing result. Considering that the company was hesitant with the answer even then, then obviously even then it was a lot.

The Most Incredible Bike Look 795 Blade Rs 1

The Look 795 Blade RS update brings the frame weight down by almost 300 grams, bringing it to the 1050 grams mark. 

This is with complete preservation of external forms. Not bad already, we are talking about a full-fledged aero bike, not its semblance in the form of a lightweight Specialized Tarmac SL7 .

The 795 BLADE RS is already considered as one of the best high end road racing bike, and is a firm favorite amongst competitive riders.

The upgraded 2021 version retains 100% of the high performance characteristics whilst considerably reducing weight. The result is an exceptionally stiff and reactive ride, with a frame weighing in at a full 300g less than previous models.

The proprietary Aeropost 3 seatpost has been slimmed down by 120 grams for even less weight in 2020.

Look 795 Blade RS – Improved Aerodynamics

Look 795 Blade Rs

This dramatic reduction in weight was achieved thanks to the revision of the technological process. The matrices for the frame remained the same, everything changed inside. 

Saving so much weight without compromising handling and aerodynamic performance can only be achieved by adjusting two all-important parameters: an even-higher performance carbon layup and a new manufacturing process: EPS.

These two combined give the 795 BLADE RS all the qualities it requires to be the fastest, most comfortable and most versatile bike LOOK has ever designed.

Now carbon is applied to polystyrene foam molds, which are tightly crimped with a matrix. 

As a result, the inner surfaces of the frame become smooth and it becomes possible to more accurately distribute the material without unnecessary waste. 

Of course, the strength of the structure in such conditions, too, is much more convenient to calculate. 

New manufacturing processes for Look 795 Blade RS

Look 795 Blade Rs

In addition, Look switched to the trendy UD carbon (now 63%, up from 32) and 4% UHM. Changing the material allows you to more accurately adjust the required level of rigidity depending on the size of the frame.  

Thanks to even higher modulus fibers, the proportion of carbon fibers is quite simply doubled (from 32% to 63%), tube stiffness is reached more rapidly and the number of layers can be reduced. This means that tube thickness, and by extension their weight, is greatly reduced. 

The rest of the bike has been updated almost unchanged. On the pleasant side, we can note the presence of Flat Mount brake mounts, Speed ​​Release axles, BB386 bottom bracket and the ability to install tires up to 30 mm wide. 

Look 795 Blade Rs

Ultra high modulus (UHM) fibers are added up to 4% in the most strategic areas to ensure optimal stiffness. The result is an ultra lightweight and exceptionally strong aero frame.

The top build Look 795 Blade RS Disc Chameleon will cost 10,000 euros on SRAM Red AXS equipment , Corima wheels with a rim height of 47 mm and a total weight of 7.3 kg. 

Look 795 Blade RS Disc Version

Look 795 Blade Rs

The updated 795 BLADE RS incorporates all the latest innovations to reach new levels of performance. Disc brakes are one of these innovations: they ensure more powerful, more progressive braking in both wet and dry road conditions.

This makes for a greater sense of security and control on downhills and through corners, allowing the rider to brake later and carry speed further.

The second advantage of disc brakes is the option of mounting wider rims and tires.

The Look 795 BLADE RS accepts tires with a section up to 700×30. The benefits of a tire holding a greater volume of air are double: the tire and rim are more aerodynamic, and tire pressure is reduced. In other words, the greater the tire section, the lower the pressure.

Contrary to popular belief, riding with lower air pressure increases the bike’s efficiency: the tire absorbs the roughness of the road surface and in doing so helps to maintain speed. Riding at lower pressure also increases the contact area between the tire and the ground, which significantly improves traction.

This is true on dry roads, and becomes an even more important factor when the going gets wet.

By: Berthy Perez