Review Groupset Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 groupset takes up more than just a place in the hall of fame, it is named after it in the lobby.

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS version with 12 speeds and electronic shifting brings the Italian classics closer to modern times and remains one of the best products in the cycling market and for good reason. 

Everyone has heard of mechanical groupsets, electronic ones. And 12 speeds is generally the technological limit of many manufacturers.  However, the world has recently seen the birth of the Rotor 1x13 hydraulic groupset. Yes, you didn't think - 13-speed cassette with hydraulic switch.

  1. Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Design

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Design

Campagnolo became the first of the big three groupset manufacturers to introduce 12-speed to the road market when it unveiled new versions of Record and Super Record 2 years ago.

If Tullio Campagnolo were alive now, he would have his jaw dropped - this is how far the company has gone in the field of design. 

The Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 crankset have a nice glossy carbon finish, just like the 12-speed mechanical version. According to the Italian brand, a glossy finish is applied to the carbon fiber to protect it from UV rays. 

As a reminder, SRAM and Shimano place their gear levers on the side of the brake lever very close to each other, while the Campa design features two separated paddles. 

One is located so that it can be pressed with your thumb, and the other is located on the outside of the brake lever. 

The right Ergopower shifter allows you to upshift three at a time – ie select lower gears – which is very handy when you race into the base of a climb and need to change quickly – and you can dump five gears in the other direction for the descent via the time-honoured Campagnolo thumb tab. The double curves of the levers remain gentle and sexy, formed from carbon.

This is how the company implements its philosophy of “one button one function”, which stands out among many manufacturers of such equipment and is liked by many due to its ease of use in an aggressive riding style.

Campagnolo Super Record 12 speeds

The big news is the addition of the 12th gear. Campagnolo engineers followed the same path that worked with the mechanical version: thinner chain, thinner cassette and a completly new desaigned derailleur. 

Owners of Campagnolo wheelset are able to keep using the old fashion wheels, as the cassette dimensions have not been affected by the increase in capacity - all for the sake of meeting the existing standard.

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 Front and Rear Derailleur

The front derailleur carries the engine and communications system at the top, which adds height to the unit, while the rear derailleur places all controls inside. Both switches are in constant contact with each other and move the chain with an inspiring hum.

The best part is that the shift has a very mechanical and tactile feel due to the long travel of the shift levers. This is in contrast to, say, Shimano's Di2, whose levers barely move - just small clicks and prolonged hums. Yes, Campa makes fewer sounds.

Disc brakes

Campagnolo Super Record 12-Speed Disc review - Groupset Road - Groupsets - BikeRadar

Some people love Shimano Di2 hydraulic brake levers as they are the same dimensions as the rim brake version. The situation with the Campa is somewhat different, as the hydraulic version is 8mm taller than the rim and doesn't look as neat as the Shimano. However, we have to admit that 8mm gives a little more room for aerodynamic landing.

The feel of the Campa and Shimano brake levers is very similar and can compete with each other, and the double bend of the lever allows for very precise dosage of braking force. Of course, the reach of the handles is adjusted using a hexagon and the five minutes that the setup procedure takes will quickly pay off, as they add comfort and confidence on descents. 

Campagnolo Super Record EPS 12 -Performance

Campagnolo was the first to announce a 12-speed, but compared to SRAM's slightly offbeat approach to its eTAP AXS groupset - and the subsequent reevaluation of gear ratios - Campagnolo took a more moderate route.

The addition of the 12th gear made the movement on the cassette smoother and before the seventh gear the stars differ by only one tooth. There is no doubt that this is a completely less revolutionary approach than SRAM, but each rider decides for himself what suits him best. 

Campagnolo Super Record

The design of the levers encourages spending a lot of time in the lower position, since the switch is more accessible from this position. This can hinder those who are used to riding at a moderate pace, without aggressive twisting, and in this case Shimano is much more comfortable. However, it cannot be denied that the Campa is comfortable at its lowest seating position. 

Jose Maria Jimenez “El Chava” a cycling star from Spain

What's more, Campagnolo's multi-shift technology - the ability to shift five gears immediately up or down the cassette - carries over to the EPS version. Because of the electronics, changing five gears at a time sounds better verbally than it feels in practice, but the feature is useful after descents or before ascents.

Weight and prices

Campagnolo's Complete Super Record EPS is priced at an incredible 3.450,00 € making it the most expensive top-end set on the market. 

If it's too expensive, the good news is that both Record and Centaur are already available in 12-speed versions.

  • Rear derailleur 234 r 
  • Levers 381 g
  • Front derailleur 132 g
  • Battery 135 g
  • EPS external interface 33 g
  • EPS internal interface 11 g
  • Crankset6 618 g
  • Bottom bracket 43 g
  • Press-fit carriage 40 g
  • Cassette 266 g
  • Chain 228 g
  • Caliper  118 g
  • Rotor 99 g
  • Total 2.505g

By: Berthy Perez


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