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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active a good smartwatch

One of the best smartwatches is the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, it is much cheaper and maintains a suitable design for recording all kinds of exercises, its design is high-end and it comes with a lot of unique features.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is undeniably a slightly inferior version of the Galaxy Watch as it lacks some features, but it has a much smaller design which makes it quite attractive and lightweight.


    Why choose Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

    There is only one size of the Galaxy Watch Active (i.e. 40mm) unlike the Galaxy Watch, there is no rotating bezel here in what we think is an attempt to make a sportier design for wearables, if that’s the intention, it has worked.

    It feels much lighter on the wrist than the larger device, and is noticeably thinner on the wrist without losing the premium look of the Galaxy Watch.

    If you are looking for a smaller smartwatch, go for this one as these kinds of features make sense, the body of the watch itself is made of metal and it looks high-end.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active-Merkabici
    The Galaxy Watch Active Is One Of The Lightest Smartwatches On The Market

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    Galaxy Watch Active models

    There are four color options for the Galaxy Watch Active: black, silver, blue (technically navy green) and pink, the pink band comes with a rose gold body, while the rest of the watches come with the same color as the strap. .

    All those bands are made of silicone, which we found comfortable even when you’re sweating, it’s a similar feel to the straps you can buy for the Apple Watch.

    It uses 20mm straps, which are interchangeable, that means you can buy other straps directly from Samsung, or you can even choose to get a third-party strap instead, so there are plenty of options.

    The smartwatch also uses the optical heart rate sensor on the back to calculate burned calories, analyze sleep, and track stress levels just like the Galaxy Watch.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
    The Galaxy Watch Active Has A Few Minor Ui Changes That Make It Appear A Bit More Fitness-Focused.

    Fitness features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

    Galay Watch Active have more activity information that helps you keep track of active minutes, calories burned, and standby time, much like the Apple Watch system.

    But for exercising, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active offers an almost identical experience to the Galaxy Watch. It comes loaded with almost every physical activity you can think of (39 total).

    Auto-pause and the ability to detect some workouts (like running and cycling) automatically without having to bother putting them on your watch, (note that the Apple Watch and Fitbit Versa can do that, too.)

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
    Models This Smartwatch Has An Excellent Relationship Between Price And Quality

    On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active also has a barometer that can record altitude while hiking and a built-in GPS that makes distance tracking more accurate.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

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    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in 40mm and 44mm sizes, both 10.9mm thick.

    The 44mm version weighs just 30g without the strap, which is 6.5g lighter than the 44mm aluminum Apple Watch Series 5 and only a third the weight of the Gen 5 Fossil.

    It has a large, crisp, and bright OLED display that’s easily readable outdoors, plus a great selection of digital and analog watch faces, and a great store of third-party deals too.

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, and has a special water mode to prevent accidental activation and clean the speaker of liquid when you go out.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch Activa
    For Version 2 There Are Some Differences But The Quality Is Very Similar